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-May 19th Appalachian American Brunch

May 19th 12pm- 2pm

21+ establishment * includes complimentary refreshment*

*Wine, Mimosa, Coffee

Deviled Eggs

Lightly Pickled Eggs, Deviled

Poached Egg Bake

Poached Eggs, bean cassoulet, Herbs

Country Ham and Skillet Potatoes

Jalapeno Cornbread

 Pimento Cheese

Biscuits and Gravy

Sausage gravy and White gravy

Foraged Salad

Fresh greens and seasonal veggies


Breakfast breads and assorted desserts


·      Other items will be added as chef decides

·      Please note GF or Vegetarian

May 19th Brunch at Kalero- Appalachian American

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