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Friday Dinner

August 19, 2022

Shrimp Hush Puppies

Fried Cornbread, Chunks of Shrimp, Local Chilis, Southern Style Onion Dip

Local Cucumber Salad

Fireside Farm Cucumbers, Roasted Italian Peppers, Creamy Dressing, Fresh Herbs

Smoked and Seared Local Pork Chop

Hilltop Farm Pork Chop, Honey-Garlic Glaze, Southern Style Braised Green Beans with Smoked Bacon -vegetarian is Tofu

Cheddar and Chorizo Mac N Cheese

Creamy Local Cheddar Sauce, House Made Sausage

Chilled Local Peaches

Sliced Peaches in a Lemon- Basil Syrup

Friday Aug 19th ToGo Dinner

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